REALFUSIONNFTS reimagines NFTs by representing real-world assets and bridging the physical and digital worlds. Part of our mission is to empower creators, artists, collectors, and investors by offering secure access to tangible assets through NFTs. We aspire to create a global ecosystem where art, culture, and investments converge, enriching lives and preserving the world’s cultural heritage. We uphold authenticity and trust, celebrate diversity, exclusivity, and transparency.

We Can Help

REALFUSIONNFTS addresses several critical issues in the current NFT landscape: 

  • Fraud and Manipulation in the NFT Market: Buyers can’t be sure if they’re getting the real deal, and scammers create counterfeit NFTs, leading to financial losses and a loss of trust.
  • Exclusivity of Blockchain: The world of art and tangible assets has traditionally been separate from the blockchain revolution. However, this is changing as more artists and art collectors are beginning to embrace NFTs. There have been some concerns about security and authenticity, as well as a lack of familiarity with blockchain technology.
  • Lack of Tangible Value in Traditional NFTs: Many traditional NFTs, like digital art and collectibles, do not have practical utility beyond speculative trading. This lack of real-world value associated with digital assets can discourage potential buyers and limit the long-term sustainability of the NFT market.
  • Complexity of NFT Ownership and Storage: NFT ownership and storage can be complex and confusing for newcomers to the NFT space. Users often struggle to understand how to secure and manage their digital assets effectively.
We see a future where blockchain is the standard for preserving and trading real-world assets. Artists can connect with a global audience while retaining control and ownership of their creations.

Wusong Liu – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wusong LIU is the Chief Executive Officer of REALFUSIONNFTS. Mr. Wusong LIU’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Russian Language, combined with his diverse work experience in sales, management, and entrepreneurship, showcase his valuable transferable skills in customer prospecting, communication, negotiation, and contract finalization. His track record of securing significant deals and driving business growth demonstrates his ability to lead and expand operations, while his personal interest in blockchain technology shows a genuine passion for the field.