REALFUSIONNFTS aims to transform the NFT market by introducing NFTs representing real-world assets, ensuring authenticity, security, and practicality.


We create REAL NFTs, expanding the possibilities of NFT representation.


We are committed to ensuring the authenticity of real-world assets, which in turn fosters trust in our NFTs.

Artistic Collaboration

We provide a blockchain-based App for global artists to showcase their work.


Our App offers ownership of tangible assets through NFTs, which increases their value and usability for users.

REALFUSIONNFTS is a web application that bridges the gap between the art world and the blockchain. We collaborate with renowned artists and facilitate the creation of REAL NFTs, ensuring their authenticity and secure trading. Our mission is to pioneer the integration of real-world assets into the blockchain ecosystem, revolutionizing the way art is presented, owned, and exchanged.

REALFUSIONNFTS aims to establish a business-to-consumer (B2C) model by creating a user-friendly web that allows users to browse, purchase, and manage REAL NFTs easily. The app will also have a diverse NFT marketplace, comprehensive portfolio management tools, and educational resources for users. The App encourages user engagement through features like user profiles, social sharing, and gamification elements. Customers have the option of subscribing to a service that gives them access to the App’s features and its content. In addition to charging membership fees, REALFUSIONNFTS could charge extra for in-app purchases or other services.