Digital Platform

REALFUSIONNFTS’s artistic entity mapping service partners with world-renowned artists to bring their physical creations onto the blockchain. Our team digitizes the artwork, tokenizes it into REAL NFTs, and ensures a one-to-one relationship between the digital and physical realms. The blockchain records all relevant information, enhancing the asset’s authenticity and provenance, mitigating fraud and disputes.

REALFUSIONNFTS leverages established blockchain Apps to create, own, and trade REAL NFTs in a secure and transparent environment. Our service offers multi-App compatibility, blockchain-based smart contracts, and decentralization. This approach ensures trust, efficiency, and security in transactions.

Authenticity Verification is crucial in the NFT space. REALFUSIONNFTS provides this service through Provenance Tracking, Art Verification, and issuing digital Authentication Certificates. Our Provenance Tracking maintains detailed records of each REAL NFT’s history, while our Art Verification process uses advanced technologies to confirm authenticity. Finally, our digital Authentication Certificates serve as a seal of approval for each asset.

REAL NFTs provide core functionality for Ownership and Trade. Users can buy, sell, and securely store NFTs. Users can use their own “hot” or “cold” wallets for NFT ownership. This decentralized approach gives users complete control and ownership of their assets. REAL NFTs can be traded like traditional assets on secondary marketplaces. Blockchain technology is utilized for security and transparency.

REALFUSIONNFTS provides an optional service called Asset Preservation, which allows users to safeguard their physical assets.

Users can choose to store their real-world assets in climate-controlled storage facilities provided by REALFUSIONNFTS. The service includes insurance coverage and regular asset maintenance to ensure the assets are kept in excellent condition.

Users can monitor ownership, trade, and showcase their assets within the blockchain ecosystem through digital access to their REAL NFTs. This feature ensures that users can track and manage their assets with ease, even if they are stored off-site.

Competitive Advantage

REALFUSIONNFTS stands out in the NFT market due to its exceptional services. Its strategic positioning within the industry provides several competitive advantages, making it a leading player in the NFT space. REALFUSIONNFTS’s competitive advantages stem from its innovative approach to creating REAL NFTs, authenticity assurance, practical value, artistic collaborations and secure blockchain integration. The company stands out in a crowded NFT market by offering ownership of real-world assets, catering to real-world needs of collectors and investors. Collaborations with global artists ensure high-quality art and intellectual property available on the App while secure blockchain integration offers trust and security to its users.